Welcome To Trinity Episcopal Church of Canton

Trinity Parish is a family that crosses the lines of race, class, age, and stereotypes in a hope to join together in a love for God and God’s creation. We are people who are searching that come together to the table Jesus Christ has prepared for us not only for solace but for strength, not only for pardon but for renewal.

Where We Come From

We come to Trinity from throughout the surrounding community. We are computer programmers, food service workers, students, college professors, engineers, plumbers, teachers, nurses, security guards, booksellers and many other things. Our parishioners roots are spread across the world.


Where We Are Going

We are going where the Holy Spirit calls us. We recognize this is not easy and may not be popular but we are committed to social justice and the basic human rights promised to all people in the covenants God has made with humankind.

What Guides Us

Trinity Parish is guided by Holy Scripture, Reason, and the Anglo-Catholic Tradition. Our weekly services of the Holy Eucharist remind us that God became Incarnate in Jesus Christ and that the Love of Christ cannot even be bound by death. The words of the prophets steer us to do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with God. We are forever guided by the knowledge that what we do to the least of God’s people we do to God.

What Drives Us

We are driven by God’s Love for us and for you and the knowledge that when we look down at our hands we are looking at the instruments of Christ in the world.

A Well for Chamhawi Tanzania

Our Collaborative mission project to supply clean water to those in need

We recognize that clean water is a human right and in light of that, Trinity Canton wishes to reach out to St Andrew’s Anglican church in Tanzania to partner with the village of Chamhawi to help devise and implement a multi year project to provide clean water for your village.  We, Trinity Episcopal Church in Canton, Massachusetts, are a small parish with few resources but we are fervent.  We feel that if we work together prayerfully and pool our talents and resources, we can succeed in bringing a well to Chamhawi.  It will take working with individual donors across the United States as well as corporate donors, to make the required funding a reality.  Primarily, our main goal is to provide the village with a well and pump system, capable of providing clean water to the villagers.  Depending upon the availability of funding, we also plan to raise enough funds to pipe the clean well water into the village, relieving the women and children of the village of the  responsibility of delivering water by hand daily, in buckets, to their residence.  Our desire is to make this project a working system of which both Chamhawi and Canton can be proud.

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